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You may not even read this period.


But it’s beautiful. It’s not accidentally beautiful. It was designed to be beautiful. By someone who knows you don’t see it. They know that your eyes read a pause not a period. You don’t notice the detail of the design. Look at what you don’t see. The space around it was also considered. Look at the way it curves. Imagine it curving in the exact degree of the other 160 characters from this typeface, in the same way that everyone in your family has the same nose. Why is it worth noticing the least noticeable character in the English language? Because the designer of this typeface noticed it. They noticed it for hours and days as they meticulously crafted it, making sure they got the period perfect. If they spent hours on a dot that no one looks at, how much time do you think went into designing these letters?


This isn't an abstract shape.


It’s periods of the same size, the same weight, on the same baseline but from different typefaces. All periods aren’t the same. Most of them aren’t even perfect circles. A few of them are squares. But all periods are different because they were all made by different people. They started as an idea for a specific typeface. That was then made by hand. By an artist. An artist that can take something as simple as a dot and turn it into art. And if they can do that with a dot, what do you think they can do with the rest of the alphabet? 


You're looking at 40 different concepts.


These designers invented new ways to see letters.
But they all started with an idea. Because type is an idea. Every one of these commas is the same size and mean the same thing. But taken individually, they’re also original works of art that reflect the personality, style, time and soul of its maker. They’re as different as they are the same. That’s the art of making type, taking the mundane and making it extraordinary. And every day that’s what designers do; they look at something that’s been around for almost 3000 years and dare to see something new, something different, something better.


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