What is Typeworth?
Typeworth is a project to help people understand the value of typography.

Maybe the easiest way to show the level of craft and care that goes into designing an entire typeface is best demonstrated through the simplest of characters: punctuation. And if you can show the meticulous design that goes into a comma, then you can show the incredible craft that goes into every character of the alphabet to create an entire typeface.

And we hope that understanding will help everyone in our creative industries to think twice about illegally downloading fonts and pay these incredible craftsmen and women for their art.

Why does Typeworth exist?
Typography is incredible. We all need it to survive as creatives, and if we don’t keep paying the amazing people that make it, then they’re probably going to stop doing it. And then we’re all screwed. So let’s respect them and their craft and fucking pay them. Hooray!

Where does the money go?
A portion of the proceeds will go to type design programs and related charities.

Who started Typeworth?
That’s us. Jon Robbins and Maddison Bradley.

Jon’s an Art Director and I’m a writer. Jon’s actually been designing his own typeface for about 10 years which is how this project started. I know nothing about typefaces so I started asking him questions about it and I’m sure they were pretty stupid. So he humored me. I remember I couldn’t believe the amount of work that went into them. I got to the punctuation. I remember saying, “Well, they don’t have to make that, right? There’s just a period button somewhere, that just makes a period.” And Jon was like, no they do, they have to design the period how they want. They design one to fit the family. And that blew my mind.

And then of course everything else follows. Commas, and asterisks, and ampersands and god knows what else. These incredible people are doing all of these things and more. Caps lock. They don’t just throw on a switch and their typeface magically becomes capital letters, they have to make that too. It was too much. All of this knowledge combined with the fact that so many people in the creative industry (and we see it everyday) steal typefaces online was kind of heartbreaking. And what blew our minds even more was that these same people that would take fonts online would be the same ones that would be very precious about ownership of ideas and no one taking “their” concepts. Well guess what? That font was someone’s concept. But for some reason there was a disconnect happening. And Jon and I wanted to try and change that. 

How can I get involved?
Getting involved in things is great! Pick up some of our Education Series Posters and put those babies up in a high traffic area. Donate to type design programs. Become a member of the Type Directors Club.

And obviously, pay for your type!